Yogis Gather at LMU for Yoga Day

This last Saturday, Sept. 16th, yogis from all over Los Angeles came to Loyola Marymount University to participate in its annual Yoga Day. Hosted by LMU’s Yoga Studies M.A. program, Yoga Day kept students busy all day, starting with registration in the morning and ending with a concert in the evening.

After the participants had checked in, Yoga Studies Director Christopher Chapple welcomed them to campus, giving a brief history of the Yoga Studies program and Yoga Day.

Over 30 class options were offered to students throughout the day. The types of classes ranged from more practice-based options such as “Yoga for Athletes” to more theory-based choices such as “The Bhagavad Gita.”

Yogis could be found practicing all over campus, and people took to social media to document their experience. Participants in Yoga Day were encouraged to use #LMUYogaDay when sharing their posts.


Along with the classes, the Yoga Studies department brought the Green Truck to campus for lunch and provided an info session on the Master of Arts in Yoga Studies program at LMU. Furthermore, Yoga Studies Alumni Kija Manhare publicly screened her movie “Awakening the Goddess: An Exploration of Kundalini” for the first time.

The day ended with a performance by Himalayan Dakini Master Yuan Miao. Miao performed her concert “Phoenix Rising: A Mantric Journey of the Heart.”

With over 500 attendees, LMU’s Yoga Day brought together a diverse group of people interested in yoga. While some were teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga theory, others were just beginning to practice, taking classes with yoga styles they had never heard of previously.

When asked about her experience of Yoga Day, Yoganidra teacher Allie Bright said, “The classes have been very interesting; it has been nice to be able to put yoga theory into practice.”

Some even found Yoga Day to be a healing experience, with one student saying during an Upa Yoga class, “I haven’t been able to close my fist in a year, but I just did thanks to that flow.”

While Yoga Day is one of their biggest events, the Yoga Studies department has gained notoriety for other elements of their program as well. LMU is the only place in the U.S. where one can get a M.A. in Yoga Studies, standing out among the few other yoga master’s programs in the world. Their two-year program is difficult but provides students with an extensive knowledge of yoga.

What do you think of Yoga Day and the Yoga Studies program at LMU? Let me know in the comments below, by tweeting me [@mattheyoga98] or [@matthewwill98] on Twitter, or by connecting with me on Instagram [@matthewyoga].

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