The Loss of Identity: Autogynephilic Transsexuality in Jealousy

Fall into the tropical world of Alaine Robbe-Grillet’s novel Jealousas I examine the complexity of the novel’s narrator. A story told in entangled arcs of narrative progression, Jealousy offers a fertile ground upon which to cast a critical queer lens. Journey with me as I argue for the autogynephilic transsexual reading of the narrator and the implications such a reading has when applied to a larger social context.

Click here for the full analysis.

**A Note on Terminology and Research: Transsexual is a term which has come to take on a derogatory meaning and has resulting fallen from accepted use. However, some do still use this term as a means of identification, and thus, since this work draws upon the research and personal narratives of those who do use this term, it appears in this work as a means of identification for them and their unique experience.**

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