An Open Letter to the Straight and Cisgender Community

To my straight and cisgender friends, Today is National Coming Out Day. Started 29 years ago, this day celebrates the coming out process. For an LGBT individual, coming out is an important part of accepting one’s own identity, and it allows for an individual to publicly embrace that identity. Furthermore, coming out is an integral … More An Open Letter to the Straight and Cisgender Community

“Doctor Who” Writer Tweets Transphobic Comments

“Doctor Who” writer Gareth Roberts posted transphobic and homophobic remarks to his twitter account on Sept. 3. After receiving some backlash, Roberts has since deleted the comments from his twitter account. Identified as a “pretty prolific writer” by Bleeding Cool’s Joe Glass, Roberts has worked on six episodes of the “Doctor Who” television series along … More “Doctor Who” Writer Tweets Transphobic Comments

“Down the Stairs”

A tragedy that slowly unfolds through the perspectives of three family members, “Down the Stairs” is a short story that challenges the idea of what is acceptable to talk about when dealing with abuse and identity. The slow, haunting build up to scenes of intense graphic violence forces the reader to recognize the violence people within … More “Down the Stairs”


Hello Everyone, I am quite excited to be starting my new website. Now that I am beginning to expand my social involvement across several platforms, I felt it was time to create a base location where all my stuff can be found. As I continue to develop my site, expect to see several different things … More Welcome